Join our team

We go to work every day, we put on our uniforms every day like you with pride, we remember like you why

we do this very rewarding job. Not all heroes wear capes, our heroes wear purple uniforms. Our heroes

provide care and compassion to our customers every day of the year. We are incredibly proud of our team

and recognise that what our staff do is truly special and it is important to us that they feel like a valued

member of the whole Advance Home Help team.

The advice Advance Home Help give to someone considering a career in home care is that there are a lot of

skills that you won’t even realise you have that could easily fit in.

You can come from any walk-in life and as long as you have a commitment to making a difference in

someone’s life and you have good communication skills, a caring nature and patience. The rest we can

teach you and support you with.

Advance Home Help offers full support to our staff to enable them to reach full potential in the job they



The ‘Care Certificate Programme’ 

There are 15 standards within the Care Certificate, which cover a wide range of subjects and topics.  Both

written and practical. We recommend that a new full-time employee should complete the Care Certificate

within 12 weeks of starting their new role.  Advance Home Help will offer full support and mentoring

throughout your care certificate.  You will be assigned to a buddy which will offer the one to one support

and mentoring.  The Care Certificate work book frame works are as follows;

  • Understand Your Role

  • Your personal development

  • Duty of Care

  • Equality and diversity

  • Work in a person-centred way

  • Communication

  • Privacy and dignity

  • Fluids and nutrition

  • Awareness of mental health, dementia and learning disability

  • Safeguarding adults

  • Safeguarding children

  • Basic life support

  • Health and safety

  • Handling information

  • Infection prevention and control


We promote ‘Specialist Care Training’

Advance Home Help also encourage all our staff to achieve specialist care training, expanding team

members skills and meeting client specific needs. We are always looking to improve our standard of care.

 Our training consists of both E-learning and practical, some of the wide variety of training are;

  • Depression awareness training

  • Palliative care training

  • Assessing needs training

  • Stroke awareness training

  • Diabetes care training

  • Parkinson’s care training

  • Epilepsy care training

  • Stress management awareness training


We promote ‘career progression’ of Level 2 and level 3 Diploma in Health & Social Care

Advance Home Help offer full training and support to all our Care and support workers and encourage all

new care and support workers to attain the recognised required qualification by The Quality Care

Commission Diploma in Health & Social Care.  We are proud of our care and support workers and take deep

pride in promoting career progression with all our staff to achieve the necessary quality assured

qualifications to progress with in the Company to a Field Care Supervisor.