COVID-19 Update



We are keeping fully updated about latest advice and recommendations from government bodies with

regards to COVID-19. All our care staff are trained in Infection Control and carry the necessary Personal

Protection Equipment to enable them to safely care for those in need. We have been working safely

throughout the pandemic with no infections amongst staff and clients to date.



All our staff are issued with appropriate PPE (face masks, aprons, gloves, hand sanitiser and face visors) to

ensure our clients safety from COVID 19 All our employees are tested weekly for Coronavirus and majority

of our care workers have been vaccinated. All our care staff have completed Infection Control and hygiene

training and are aware of the necessary precautions they need to take to ensure the risks to our clients are



At Advanced Home Help, we are committed to protecting the health and well-being of our users,

professional care teams, office colleagues and wider communities across the UK during the COVID-19

pandemic. As the situation evolves, we are continually reviewing our procedures and are working closely

with government and local health authorities to ensure our care services are delivered safely. Managers

continue to review and test local safety plans whilst monitoring staffing levels and service provision on a

daily basis. We know who our most vulnerable users are and will prioritise their care when appropriate.