How It Works 


Step by Step Guide to Homecare


Step 1. Initial Assessment and Care Plan

With your agreement our Manager will come and assess you or your loved one’s individual needs whether they are at home or in hospital. In collaboration with you they will advise on what level of care may be appropriate, and the tasks and activities that the carer should carry out.


Step 2. Creation of Care Plan and Costings

Follow the initial assessment a care plan will be developed by the Manager. This will be discussed and agreed with you and then the search for a suitable carer will begin. The care plan is person-centered and takes into account likes, dislikes, interests and hobbies of the client. This approach enables us to profile and choose the most suitable carer. A contract of care will also be discussed in relation to costings and we can also discuss any entitlements that may be available to you including help in claiming any allowances that you maybe entitled too.


Step 3. Carer Introductions

Once we have identified a carer, we propose that introductions are carried out with our manager present to ensure the details of the care plan are understood. This initial meeting between client and carer ensures suitability for all concerned and if there are any issues they can be addressed at this point in time.


Step 4. Monitoring and Reviews

Our care manager will liaise with you and the carer on a daily / weekly basis and our manager will visit in line with our agreed monitoring schedule. Care plans are reviewed as needs change so that we can deliver the right care at the right time.


As a family, we have come to rely on Advance caregiving staff to support and assist our family to keep our older family members in their own home. They have dealt with every day situations and the needs of our parents from washing, dressing and personal care on a daily basis. They have been an emotional support for other family members as our parents' needs became more complex due to ill health and hospital admissions. They are reliable, professional and are all passionate about their caring role within our family. As a family, we feel comfortable asking for help and in changing services as our parents' needs change. -  Angela Carr